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Machine Embroidery

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Embroidery Buddies
These cuties have a removable stuffing pillow to allow easy hooping.
Choose from 5 Blanky buddies, or 25 animals.
Stop by the store to order the animal of your choice.


Sewing Studio carries a variety of products for machine embroidery, including embroidery collections,
thread, needles, and stabilizer.  We also host the monthly BERNINA Software Inspirations - Inspired and a monthly Embroidery Club.  Sewing Studio is an authorized dealer for Embroidery Design Studio embroidery collections.

Embroidery Needles:
  • Organ - Sharp
  • Organ - Titanium

Embroidery Thread:
  • Sulky
    • 100% Rayon/Viscose
    • 100% Rayon/Viscose Multi
    • Metallic
    • Metallic Multi
    • Sliver Metallic
    • Sliver Metallic Multi
    • Invisible

  • Mettler
    • Polysheen
    • Polysheen Multi
    • Metallic
    • 100% Cotton - Fine Embroidery
    • Transfil (polyamid)
  • Isacord

Embroidery Collections
We carry several embroidery collections and types.
  • BERNINA Exclusive Collections on USB
  • BERNINA Collections on CD
  • OESD Crafter's Collection on USB
  • Kimberbell Designs
  • Embroidery Garden Designs

These are the newest Bernina Exclusive Collections in the store!

Embroidery Software
We carry
BERNINA Embroidery Software 8 and the UpdateThe full DesignWorks, including Cutworks and PaintWorks with Embroidery Software 8 is also available to help you create beautiful designs.


By the Yard - Sulky:
  • Tear
    • Totally Stable
  • Cut
    • Soft 'n Sheer
    • Soft 'n Sheer Extra
  • Water Soluable
    • Solvy
    • Super Solvy
    • Solvy Ultra
By the Roll - OESD:
  • Tear-Away
    • Light-Weight
    • Heavy-Weight
    • Ultra-Clean & Tear
    • Fusible
    • Hydro-Stick
    • Stabil-Stick
  • Cut-Away
    • Medium-Weight
    • Heavy-Weight
    • PolyMesh
    • Gridded PolyMesh
    • Fuse & Fleece
    • GentleTouch
    • FiberForm
    • TopCover
  • Wash-Away
    • AquaMesh
    • Aquamesh Plus
    • BadgeMaster

"How To" Embroidery Questions?  Send them to us at nsewstunormal@mindspring.com with Subject:  Embroidery FAQ.  We will post answers in our FAQ - Embroidery section.

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Embroidery Club

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