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Frequently Asked Questions

General Sewing Questions

What should I do if my thread keeps breaking while I am sewing?
Breaking thread can be caused by many things.  Here are a few items to check:
  • Check the thread spool to ensure the thread is not wound around the spindle or catching on the thread cap.
  • Rethread the machine to ensure the thread is not caught.
  • Make sure you are using the proper needle/thread weight combination.  See your machine manual for a list of needles and their usage.

How do I keep from getting a "nest" of thread underneath the fabric when I start sewing?
  1. Hold on to both the spool and bobbin thread while taking the first few stitches.
  2. When chaining pieces, stat with a small scrap at the beginning of the chain.

How do you thread a double needle?
  • Place the double needle into  the needle slot with the flat edge to the back.
  • Thread the first spool as you would normally, threading the right needle.
  • Place the second spool on the extra spool spindle.
  • Take the second thread through the  associated thread guide, and through the tension section as usual.
  • Skip the thread guide at the bottom of the tension section, and take the it through the thread guide by the nnedle.  Thread it through the left needle.
  • Pull the bobbin thread up, and stitch a test run.

What are the standard sizes for a bed quilt?
Mattress Size:
  • Crib  27" x 52"
  • Twin 39" x 75"
  • Full  54" x 75"
  • Queen  60" x 80"
  • King  76" x 80" 
With a Dust Ruffle:
  • Crib  30" x45"
  • Twin  65" x 95"
  • Full  80" x 95"
  • Queen  86" x 100"
  • King  106 x 106"

How can I protect buttons when I send an item to the cleaners?
  • Cut a piece of Velcro larger than the button.
  • Cut a slit in the hook side of the Velcro and slide the button through with the hook side up.
  • Cover the button with the soft side of the Vecro and attach to the hook side.

How do I clean my OLFA Rotary mat?
To clean your OLFA mat, use a generous amount of room temperature water and a few drops of mild detergent.  Use a soft, mild bristle brush to create a lather, and gently clean the mat.  Rinse with room temperature water and wipe dry with a cotton towel. 
Please note that warm or hot water, and direct sunlight may damage the mat.

Do Frixion marking pens work?
Jenny K. Lyons (quiltskipper.com/blog; August 13, 2015):
  1. Frixion pens combine gel ink and thermo ink.  You are marking your quilt with a gel pen that disappears.
  2. The marks will reappears if the quilt gets cold (anything below freezing) unless the mark is completely removed with an ink remover.  Even after a thorough steam of the marks, they will reappear in the cold.  This is part of the inherent chemistry of the ink combination.
  3. To completely remove the ink so tat it will not ghost or reappear in the cold, you will need an ink remover and also may possibly need to scrub the area.  The manufacturer has tested. Motsenbocker's LIFT-Off 3 AND Amodex, and found them to be fairly effective in removing the ink.
  4. Frixion pens sometimes leave a ghost mark after steaming.  This is the thermo ink showing on the quilt, not the gel.  To rid the piece of ghost marks, you need to treat them with the ink removers listed above.

How do the new #72 quilting rulers work with the BERNINA sewing machines?
See the following tutorial at the BERNINA website:


Embroidery Questions

Does Sewing Studio carry embroidery collections?
Sewing Studios carries several embroidery collections and types.
  • BERNINA Exclusive Collections on USB
  • BERNINA Collections on CD
  • OESD Crafter's Collection on USB
  • Every Stitch Counts on CD
    • Collections
    • Tiles
  • Embroidery Design Studio Downloads(click on the butterfly on our home page)
    • Embroidery Collections
    • Embroidery Take-Out BYOP (Build Your Own Pack)
  • Lunch Box Quilts (towel recipes) on USB

How do you create a satin outline underlay when digitizing a design?
When digitizing a satin outline, I like two different underlays: a zig zag and an edge walk.This helps to improve the look of the satin outline.

To find the underlays in BERNINA's DesignPlus V6 software:
  • Select the satin outline & click on object properties.
  • In the dialog box, click on effects, found at the bottom left of screen.
  • Once this screen opens, make sure the underlay tab is highlighted at the top of this screen.
  • Select underlay 1, then select zig zag in the drop down menu. Use the  default settings for the stitch length, stitch spacing and margin.
  • Next, click second underlay. Choose the edge walk from the drop down menu. Use the default stitch length, stitch spacing and margin.
  • Apply the underlays in this order, first the zig zag then the edge walk.